Works for Clarinet and Piano

Oskar Espina Ruiz, Clarinet
Noriko Nagasawa, Piano
Keiko Kurachi, Piano*
*On Track 8 of CD 2 only: Introducción, Andante y Danza E. 46

KB 13703
(Double CD)

This double CD is the first recording of the complete works for clarinet and piano by late-Romantic Spanish composer Julián Menéndez. It features Spanish Clarinetist Oskar Espina Ruiz who, after doing extensive scholarly research and performing numerous recitals and concertos on Menéndez, has gained a reputation as the Menéndez specialist. The booklet of this CD includes the endorsements of Richard Stoltzman, Charles Neidich and Vicente Peñarrocha, as well as substantial liner notes (in English, German, French, Spanish and Basque). The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York writes: “The Spanish Basque Julián Menéndez (1895-1975) was a clarinetist of legendary virtuosity with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and Madrid Symphonic Band. His compositions for the instrument represent a unique style of writing and greatly expanded the technical and expressive possibilities of the clarinet. Menéndez’s works are comparable in inspiration and scope to those written for piano by Albéniz and Granados.”

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Disc: 1

Play 1. 8 Estudios E. 43: Nocturno E. 43/1
Play 2. 8 Estudios E. 43: Danzarina E. 43/3
Play 3. 8 Estudios E. 43: Arabesco E. 43/5
Play 4. 8 Estudios E. 43: Sueño E. 43/6
Play 5. 8 Estudios E. 43: Humoresca E. 43/8
Play 6. 8 Estudios E. 43: Recuerdo E. 43/4
Play 7. 8 Estudios E. 43: Minueto E. 43/7
Play 8. 8 Estudios E. 43: Ballet E. 43/2
Play 9. Contemplation E. 67
Play 10. Solo de Concierto E. 58
Play 11. Nocturno E. 42d-Post

Disc: 2

Play 1. Fantasía-Capricho E. 16
Play 2. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Impromptu E. 38
Play 3. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Estudio de Concierto E. 44
Play 4. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Polaca-Ballet E. 45
Play 5. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Estudio de Concierto E. 39
Play 6. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Estudio de Concierto E. 33
Play 7. 6 Estudios de Concierto: Estudio de Concierto E. 17
Play 8. Introducción, Andante y Danza E. 46*