A Treat For Chamber Music Loving Clarinetists

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Advanced clarinetists ages 18-28 are up for a treat this summer: the Music Mountain Academy’s First Session from June 12-21 will focus on chamber music for strings and piano, with clarinet as the only woodwind in the program. Brahms and Mozart Clarinet Quintets are at the core of the program, but also Penderecki Quartet for clarinet and strings, Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time, and the great trios for clarinet and piano plus cello, viola...

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“Sueño” means “dream…,” or “nightmare”

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Happy Halloween and Feliz Día de todos los santos! Please tune in to WDAV.org Classical Public Radio and Concierto.org to listen to my performance of Sueño for clarinet and piano by Julián Menéndez on November 1, Sunday, at 10:00 pm. http://1drv.ms/1NGdVDr This is an evocative work that explores the dual meaning of “Sueño,” which translates as both “dream” and “nightmare.” Noriko Nagasawa plays piano. “Nadie más muerto que el olvidado” (One is...

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How to Prepare for Concert Performance

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It is not unusual to feel disappointed about your own performance. Part of the reason is that in our daily practice we perform every section of a specific work beautifully at one point or another. All those beautiful sections, put together in our mind, become our ideal performance, and anything less than our ideal performance can feel disappointing. At a festival I attended recently, a fine young clarinetist told me: “I was not happy with my...

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2013 Arriaga Competition Winners Concert

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As I look at a beautiful sky ranging from dark blue above me, to the sweetest baby blue right next to a foggy white line in the horizon, (from my plane back to Charlotte, NC) I feel compelled to write a few lines about the 2013 Arriaga Competition Winners Concert that took place at the Treetops Chamber Music Society yesterday, in Stamford, CT. These past 24 hours have been crazy and deeply rewarding at the same time. Less than an hour ago I was...

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