Advanced clarinetists ages 18-28 are up for a treat this summer: the Music Mountain Academy’s First Session from June 12-21 will focus on chamber music for strings and piano, with clarinet as the only woodwind in the program. Brahms and Mozart Clarinet Quintets are at the core of the program, but also Penderecki Quartet for clarinet and strings, Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time, and the great trios for clarinet and piano plus cello, viola or violin. This is a great opportunity for clarinetists.

I’ll be teaching together with the legendary Charles Neidich, in a friendly and beautiful environment focused on chamber music. The prize-winning Verona String Quartet will be the faculty quartet in residence. The four members of the Verona Quartet and Peter Winograd, first violinist of the American String Quartet, will be coaching chamber groups. 5 clarinet students will be selected to play with the Verona Quartet at the Music Mountain Academy!

A typical day at this festival in Falls Village, Connecticut, will include rehearsals, practicing, coachings and informal evening performances or presentation. You will also be able to participate in student concerts and attend faculty concerts free of charge. Charles Neidich will perform Brahms Clarinet Quintet with the Verona Quartet on June 16, and there will be many more thrilling performances.

You can read about this program here:
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The application fee is waived if you submit your application by March 26!

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